Like the Dragoman before him, and the one before that, this Dragoman is an explorer - an experimenter, a tamperer and a tinkerer. 

At a time when the mainstream is dominated by soft, unrelentingly cautious music, Dragoman aims to provide a beacon for those craving something more.

On a never-ending quest to push sonic boundaries, Dragoman spends days (and nights) on end in his Bristol studio doing what he does.

Debut album, Underbelly was released in early 2017. 


 "...a twisted carnival of sound."

- Drowned in Sound

"...lavish melodies on top of bold and unfamiliar textures."

- For Folk's Sake

“It is the lunacy of Tom Waits blended with the dark majesty of Leonard Cohen and it is sublime.”


  Copyright 2017 by Dragoman. All rights reserved.